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Consortium for Untangling Enterprise Complexity

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Welcome to the website for the
Consortium for Untangling Enterprise Complexity (CUEC)

The purpose of this new consortium is twofold:

  1. discuss and investigate different approaches to making enterprises simpler, and
  2. describe how such efforts drive business value.  

Our basic premise: enterprise complexity is hugely costly and anything we can do to simplify enterprise systems and processes will pay off in reduced cost and improved efficiencies.

CUEC Interests

  • Research on enterprise simplification
  • Standards related to enterprise simplification
  • Sharing of best practices related to enterprise simplification
  • White papers on enterprise simplification
  • Conferences on enterprise simplification

We include in the scope of “enterprise simplification” everything from business processes to IT systems.


CUEC is a new consortium. This Web site is under construction.

This web site is the public face of CUEC. All internal discussion is taking place on Google Groups.

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